• Image of Slasher Dave LUNATIC 7" EP RED/BLACK vinyl

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Something in the shadows awaits you. Underneath your bed, inside your closet, around every dark corner it hides, and waits. Evil incarnate has come for you…evil in the form of a Lunatic.

The brainchild of Slasher Dave, renowned composer of horror-infused movie soundtrack music, Lunatic is an evocative love letter to the grimy slasher flicks and film scores of the 80s, its four tracks outlining an implicit, classic storyline of a killer on the loose. From the eerie synth drones and warning siren-screams of “Disturbance At The Mackenzies” to the oscillating leads and escalating beats of “Evil Lives Forever,” Slasher Dave paints a vivid sonic portrait of impending danger sure to pique the paranoia and quicken the pulse of any seasoned horror fan. Whatever you do, don’t listen to it alone in the dark…

Sleeve Art & Design by Slasher Dave.



1) Disturbance At The Mackenzies
2) Lunatic


3) Evil Lives Forever
4) Darkside